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Exhibition: To See or Not to See: That is the Question. Ignorance is Bliss

An exhibition about revolution, dignity and freedom, and a cry against violence and oppression, and against the world’s indifference

The highlight of Celebrating Syria Festival 2019 was Saad Hajo’s special exhibition “ To See or Not to See: That is the Question... Ignorance is Bliss”, which took place at NIAMOS Manchester between 2 and 9 November. It was Hajo's first exhibition in the UK.

The exhibition was a cry against violence, and oppression and against the world’s indifference. Hajo’s incredible art work attracted local and international media who came to his exhibition to interview him. Hajo did two exhibition tours on the 3rd and 5th November at NIAMOS and people were impressed by his thought-provoking and highly talented work.

Watch the coverage of this event on Alaraby TV in Arabic:

Saad Hajo

Born in Damascus in 1968, Saad Hajo is an independent Syrian and Swedish cartoonist who graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Damascus in 1989.

Hajo publishes in the newspaper Folkbladet in Norrköping, Sweden and in Courrier International in Paris.

In the past he worked daily for twenty years with the Beirut-based newspaper As-Safir, one of the most renowned Arabic newspapers, as well as with several other Arabic newspapers such as An-Nahar in Beirut, the weekly newspaper Al Ahram Al Arabi in Cairo, Al-Quds Al-Arabi in London, and Sada Al Sham in Syria.

Saad Hajo has held many exhibitions around the world, including ‘Born Dictator’ in Sweden in 2010. He has been a jury member for various caricature competitions and was the winner of the 2015 EWK-prize in Sweden.


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