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Legends of Love and Pain

An Evening of Poetry and Music with Samir Kanou and Peshang Abdulhannan

As part of ‘Celebrating Syria' Festival of Arts and Culture 2018, on 9 October, a lovely evening that combined the poetical inventiveness of Samir Kanou with the musical prowess of Peshang Abdulhannan was hosted by 'HOME'. Arabic poetry intertwined with Kurdish music to produce an enchanting evening where the theatrical delivery of the poet was not less impressive than his linguistic mastery.

Enjoying Samir’s poems did not require understanding the words (although the English translations was projected on screen!). The emotions he infused into his words were complemented by Peshang’s powerful music. Audience truly enjoyed the event.

Samir Kanou

Samir is a pediatric doctor and a poet born in Damascus in 1971. The son of one of the most prominent figures in Syrian theatre, Omar Kanou, Samir has various interests in art, music and theatre and has published multiple poetic, medical and political articles in a number of Arabic newspapers and websites. His previous works include: ‘The Beaches of Butterflies’, ‘The Boats of Homecoming’, and ‘The Anthem of Cold and Freedom’.

Peshang Abdulhannan

Peshang is from Afrin, Rojava and is proud of his Kurdish heritage. He studied medicine at Aleppo University and graduated as a doctor in 2004. In 2006 Peshang came to the UK and began working towards a career in surgery.

In August 2014 he co-founded Kurds House, which is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation based in the north of England, supporting Syrian Kurds and Arabs alike. Peshang has a Music degree from the Arabic Institute of Music in Aleppo and plays many instruments including the violin, viola and tambour. He has played the viola with Aleppo Chamber Music and the violin with the Kurdish musical group Cenga Jînê and since coming to the UK he has played with the Leeds Symphony Orchestra and Scarborough Orchestra.


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