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Out of the detritus of war, a thing of beauty was born

On Saturday 22nd July 2017, we hosted the London Syrian Ensemble at Emmanuel Church, Manchester. The ensemble are a collective of some of Syria’s finest musicians. They include both newly arrived and long-term UK residents who either studied or taught in the eminent Damascus Conservatoire. They bring the sounds of Syria through a diverse repertoire of classical and traditional music. The ensemble includes oud, kanun, ney, violin, viola, double bass and percussion. It was a phenomenal evening which everyone enjoyed, accompanied by delicious Syrian food.


Rihab Azar – Oud

Raghad Haddad – Viola

Sanaa Wahbah – Qanun

Kaldoun Alnajad – Violin

Fajer Alabdalla –  Double bass

Jamal Al Sakka – Arabic percussion

Louai Alhenawi – Ney/M.D


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