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Masters of Syria: Concert of Arabic Music

Home-made Syrian food was sold before the event!

On 13 October, the final evening of our "Celebrating Syria" Festival 2018, we were treated to a fascinating night of Syrian music by the amazing Masters of Syria, an ensemble of artists from the Syrian National Orchestra. The concert was held at Emmanuel Church in Didsbury and was introduced by Jiff Smith, Withington MP. The audience enjoyed the songs which combined classics with newly written pieces. The final few songs were traditional Syrian songs which got a lot of people out of their seats to dance in the traditional Syrian way.

Masters of Syria:

The ensemble has performed concerts and in festivals across Europe and have worked with singer Damon Albarn as part of his collective project to reunite the Syrian National Orchestra. This is a unique opportunity to hear them perform in this intimate venue.

Basel Saleh:

Basel was born in Homs in 1975 and he studied qanun and Classical Singing at the Higher Institute of Music Damascus. He has worked as the conductor of the Orchestra and Choir Artists Association in Syria, and as a Professor of Oriental Music Theory at the Higher Institute, Member and Assistant Coach of the Chamber Choir of the Higher Institute of Music Damascus, Assistant Coach of the Choir of the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus, 2004 to 2011.

Taim Saleh:

Taim is a singer, composer and qanun player. He was born in Homs in 1988. He has a bachelor’s degree in music from the College of Music Education in 2012. He has performed many concerts at the Syrian Opera House. He taught the qanun musical instrument at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus for the years 2013 – 2014.


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