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Syrian Music Revealed: The London Syrian Ensemble

On Wednesday 6 November 2019, we had the London Syrian Ensemble (the best Syrian band in the UK!) to perform some classical and some new Syrian and oriental music with a huge emotional range and depth. The event was fully booked and audience truly enjoyed an unforgettable night of music and lovely vibes.

The London Syrian Ensemble

The London Syrian Ensemble is a collective of some of the Damascus Conservatoire’s finest musicians, now based in the UK. Their sound mixes traditional Middle Eastern instruments – ney (flute), kanun (zither) and oud (lute), with violins, violas, double bass, percussion, and guest vocalists.

They perform twentieth-century Syrian classics and they’ll be premiering some new music on the night. They’re trained in the powerful rhythms and the hundreds of lush impassioned melodic loops or maqams of Syrian musical tradition, and they will perform a suite of instrumental pieces, improvisations and songs with a huge emotional range and depth.


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