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Workshop: In Your Own Image: Play with Clay

A very interesting workshop. Make your own design with clay. Don't worry if your hand get dirty!

On Sunday 3 November 2019, the Centre for International Women Artists (CIWA) hosted the workshop entitled: “In your Own Image: Play with Clay” as part of Celebrating Syria Festival 2019. People were truly entertained as they got their hand dirty and joined experts to make a 3D self-portrait and other sculptures from clay.

Manya Alkhmri

Manya is a Manchester-based artist, born and raised in Syria. She uses different media and materials, focusing on painting and sculpture. She loves to explore nature and landscapes, where she can express emotions using huge spaces, colour and textures. She studied sculpture at the Institute of Applied Art, Damascus, Syria (2000-2002), and arts and design, followed by contemporary arts practice foundation degree at Manchester College (2016-2018).

She exhibited at Damascus Castle Gallery (2002), Alassd Library in Damascus (2004) and participated in Celebrating Syria Festival of Art and Culture In Manchester in 2017. In Jan 2018 she jointly exhibited at Rethink Rebuild Society (Syrian Community Centre) in Manchester.

Manya is a member of CIWA, a collective of international women artists based in the North West of England. Between 2017 and 2018 the group of artists met through the Travelling Heritage Bureau project and participated in collective exhibitions and performances at HOME Mcr during Refugee Week, Thread Bearing Witness exhibition at The Whitworth Art Gallery with artist Alice Kettle, A Room of One’s Own at Zellij Arts and Still I Rise at Manchester Art Gallery.


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