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Workshop:The Mindfulness of Mosaic

Bring your curiosity and playfulness, open your heart to what comes up and accept what is.

On Saturday 2 November 2019 audience had the opportunity to practice guided mindfulness using Mosaic Boards as a tool to facilitate presence of mind and exploration of the senses. Mosaic Boards is an emerging initiative that creates handmade wooden boards, made up of geometric shapes that are tiled next to each other to form an intricate pattern inspired by Islamic Geometric Patterns*. In this session audience got a glimpse of Islamic Geometry, and got to play with one of its patterns. It was a thought-provoking workshop that exemplified the theme of this year’s festival: Mosaic.

* Islamic Geometry is one of many examples of the ‘Sacred Geometry’, where spiritual and sacred meanings are ascribed to geometric shapes and patterns. Developed for several centuries, Islamic geometric patterns reflect the height of artistic and spiritual expressions of artists and craftspeople who developed them, culminating in masterpieces found in sacred palaces around the world, mostly known in Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.


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